Saturday, June 2, 2018

THE COCKTAIL HOUR: Caribbean Rum Taste Off

We recently cruised to the Bahamas (story on that coming later) so does that count at our 5th Caribbean island? Technically, no, I guess but close enough.

I got a couple of bottles of rum in the duty shop, who promptly messed up my order, but it gave me an excuse to do another Cocktail Hour taste off with Tim.

Watch the Video!

In this corner, our control rum, is Captain Morgan Spiced Rum.  Good rum, fairly cheap and common, it will be the standard for taste against the other three. It's slightly vanilla spice notes help smooth the harshness of the mass-produced beverage.

Next it Royal Jamaican rum. Aged 10 years and using only Jamaican produced molasses from Jamaican grown sugar cane, Tim and I both are a bit surprised at how harsh this pricey bottle is.

Moving on, it's Captain Morgan's Private Stock, a clear cut above the regular Captain's spiced rum. Still has a lush, vanilla based spice taste with a very smooth swallow down the throat. Both Captain Morgan varieties are U.S. made in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Last, its 1888 Cinco Generaciones from Brugal in the Dominican Republic. Double-aged, this has a very nice, clean rum taste with a sharp little back-of-the-throat taste that I'm pegging to the barrel it's aged in. Very smooth, very good but Tim and I give a slight edge to the Captain's Private Stock, then this one, with the Royal Jamaican coming in dead last even behind the common Captain Morgan Spiced Rum



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