Monday, October 23, 2017

A Smooth Start to a Rocky Vacation: The Canadian Rockies of Alberta

Tim's a bit nervous. To be fair, he always gets a bit on edge before a trip. Especially if it involves flying on a plane.  This has been a recent development and has flared up the most when we have a lot of connections with long flights and hit it's peak with the 27 hour, three leg trip we took to Berlin a year ago.

Ever since, it's been a struggle when flying. Once we leave, he's fine, but a couple of days before, no one's life is good.

He's been trying and gradually getting better about it. One of the things that made us choose this destination was that it was a short 3-hour nonstop flight from LAX to Calgary. Baby steps back to his old self.  The frustration for him was that we had to leave from one of the worst airports in the world but, luckily, it turned out to go pretty smoothly and Terminal 2 had recently been upgraded. Really upgraded. In fact, it's been a long time since I can say this, but it was actually pretty pleasant going through Los Angeles' main airport this time.

We whiled away our one hour waiting time having a delicious (!) breakfast at Slapfish.

Westjet treated us very well, we had good seats, easy boarding, and an actually delightful flight up to Alberta. Navigating customs and passport control was a breeze.  If I could complain about anything, maybe the very long walks through the sparkling clean Calgary airport concourses to the rental car centre would be about it.

Enterprise was very quick and helpful getting us into our Ford Escape and it was a five minute drive to our first night hotel.

We'd be spending the night at the Homewood Suites near the airport, then driving up to Jasper National Park in the morning.

Homewood had our room waiting, just as ordered. A Tim Horton's across the street provided a nice dinner of paninis and Boston cream donuts.

We had a peaceful night's sleep and a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon in the morning.

Now, we load up the car and we head out. We're planning on a long, slow day's drive...taking in a few sights along the a cabin we have reserved in Jasper.

We'll cover that on our next post.

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