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Sunday, August 6, 2017

THE COCKTAIL HOUR: South Florida Drinking Tour

You regulars might be a bit disappointed but we really didn't hit too many bars on our recent foray to the Keys but we did hit three you might be interested in checking out.

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We start off in the Conch Republic of Key West, home of the perpetual Spring Break. I had a goal hear of try a true daiquiri in the land of Hemmingway.

My unscientific method of finding that...consisting of talking to the local coffee shop owner where I had breakfast...confirmed that I should skip Duval Street and the usual tourist joints like Sloppy Joes and head to a backwater bar.

Blue Heaven was the recommendation I got for Key West's most authentic version. Made from scratch using only local Key lime juice, rum, and simple syrup, these hit the spot on this very hot, southern Florida day.  The bar itself sits in the back courtyard of a few building, a tropical garden hidden from the street.

Great place to spend a few minute escaping from the maddening crowd of Duval Street.

But, we can't come to Key West and not take a stroll down the infamous Duval Street. When our whistles need wetting again, it's over to the Flying Monkeys Saloon. Here, a bank of frozen drink mixers sit behind the bar with a dozen or so alcoholic concoctions and one non-alcoholic blend to slake the heat and thirst that this city inspires.

Tim has their non-alcoholic drink, a glass filled with an extra sweet blue goo (which is where he gets that very blue tongue in the picture above) while Letty and I go with the Yuengling beer that is so prevalent in Florida.

Later in the week, it's mojitos at Mango's Tropical Bar in South Beach where we find a quiet spot to sip and watch the beautiful people walk by.

It's all in the video, above, come along and take a ride with us as we sip our way up from the Keys.

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-Darryl Musick
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