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Monday, February 6, 2017

If We Can Just Make it to the Border Before Sundown...Baja Bound

Part of the allure of travelling is going someplace new. Exotic. Off the beaten path. We’ve often had some of our best adventures by pointing ourselves away from where everyone else is going.

We’ve had great times in Yuma, Arizona; Carson City, Nevada; Cortez, Colorado; Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and…of course…our great and very fun weekends up to Bakersfield. None of these are what you would call tourist hot spots.

Seems like we’ve mined out much of what is local and easy to reach for us but there’s also a great big country just south of us where adventure awaits around every turn. Sometimes it can feel dangerous, most of the time it feels foreign, and all of the time it surprises.

I’m talking about Mexico, which for me is a wonderful place to visit but for Tim it’s a place of obstacles to access. Mexico is about 20 to 30 years behind the USA in terms of wheelchair access but there are signs of improvement.

When I was younger, we’d go down frequently, mostly to beach cities like Ensenada on the Pacific Coast and San Felipe or Guaymas in the Sea of Cortez.  When Tim was young, it was almost an annual tradition to spend some time each fall in Puerto Vallarta and, with my wife being Mexican, we got to spend a week in Mexico City to go get her visa after marriage.

As Tim has gotten older, heavier, and harder to lift, Mexico has pretty much dropped off the radar for us. When he was young, it wasn’t too hard to lift him down a flight of stairs. Now, it’d only be done in an emergency…it’s too dangerous for him or me to do that now.

With that being said, there is plenty of Mexico within driving distance where we can have our adapted van and be able to negotiate around any bumps in the road so we’re trying to slowly increase our time down there and find out accessible ways to get around in this fascinating country.

Starting with our trip to Ensenada a couple of years ago and continuing with the next trip where we go beyond where any of us have been before down the coast of Baja.  It’s access in the rough, but we do find what we need…some of it in surprisingly beautiful locations.

It's Mexico Season! Follow along as we present our adventures in Baja California, Mexico.

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