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Friday, May 27, 2016

Game Day and the Mighty Mississipi - Minneapolis, Part 4

I was hoping that this day would dawn clear. We’d bought tickets for our Minneapolis baseball game on the only day they’d be in town for our trip…the last day. Minneapolis has a completely outdoor stadium and a reputation for surly weather. We had one shot, and one shot only, to catch this game. No rain checks for us and the weather is promising “scattered thunderstorms.”

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Not to worry, though. The day did start sunny and stayed that way the entire day.  Game time is 7:05 tonight, giving us one more day to explore the city.

The mighty Mississippi river is only a short block from our hotel, the Residence Inn at the Depot. We haven’t really had a chance to explore it, until now.

We walk over and emerge onto a large lock. This particular section of the river is the only spot, from way up north in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico, where there are falls. A set of locks…one on each side…carries boats and barges over the falls, which have been shapen by man over the years to be more of a spillway now.

Just south of the locks and falls is the Stone Arch Bridge, a former railroad bridge that is now used by pedestrians and bikes. At a ½ mile long, it’s our ticket across the river.

Starting out at a set of flour mill ruins, the bridge gives us unparalleled views of the river and of the many abandoned mills set along the banks of the river here. It was because of the rushing water of the falls that they are here…the water powered the wheels that ground the grain.

Pillsbury Park on the other side leads us to Main Street where a block long collection of taverns awaits but we’ll save that for the game.

An old iron bridge leads us over to Nicolet Island, past a bed and breakfast, then onto the Hennepin Avenue Bridge where we finish the crossing back to walk along the river back to the hotel. Around 2 miles total.

A little rest at the hotel, then it’s off on the Hiawatha Light Rail line to the game.  Target Field is new and beautiful. Access is wonderful. Tickets are a bit pricey but the food and beer prices aren’t bad. (You can see our entire stadium review at our Target Field entry in our Fields of Dreams series)

The Twins, not having one of their best years, take it as best they could to the visiting Chicago Cubs. It’s a back and forth game with a lot of action and several long home runs, and the home team finally edges out the visitors in the 10th inning.

Coming back at night, looking out the train, my wife mentions we could have walked. Yes, but with all the drug dealers and hookers we saw, I don’t think that would have been the best choice we could have made either.

It’s the last morning here in the Twin Cities. We have an afternoon flight, giving us time for one more treat.

When we came into town, we had the incredible Jucy Lucy at Matt’s Bar. There’s also another claim to that special burger, the 5-8 Club…a former speakeasy south of town…that serves the Juicy Lucy. Of course, we have to try it and compare.

As at Matt’s, the place is packed and we have to hover over the tables to score one as someone leaves (you’re on your own here for finding a place to sit). We get one and look over the menu, which is extensive compared to Matt’s.

The burgers arrive and immediately we notice that the patties here are bigger than Matt’s. The onions are also sliced instead of diced. My wife likes this version better, I like the diced onions better, but they’re both very good.

With that last comparison in the books, it’s time to make the last drive to the airport, turn in the rental car, and take the flight home.

Hope you’ve had a good time, I know we did.


Copyright 2012 – Darryl Musick
All Rights Reserved
Photos by Letty Musick
Copyright 2012- Letty Musick
All Rights Reserved

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