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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

"Can't you live with it?" - Unforgettable but True Quotes From the Road

The following has all happened to us on our travels...

"No problem, I can just reach in through the window," as demonstrated by the motel clerk in Mexico when our key wouldn't work in the door.

"Can't you live with it?" - asked by a front desk clerk in Stamford, Connecticut when I asked if someone could spray the thousands of ants mobilizing in our room.

"It's OK, that toilet clogs all the time," the desk clerk with the plunger fixing our facilities in San Luis Obispo. Could have maybe warned us before we used it...

"Yes, it's wheelchair accessible...there are only two steps into the room," said the hotel manager on our arrival in Ensenada.

"You will find our country very forward thinking, the bathroom over there is completely wheelchair accessible. You only need to go down a short flight of stairs." - artist in Brugges when we asked where we might find a restroom.

"NEIN!" - shouted at me by a security guard in Salzburg when I tried to push the up button in the elevator.

"I'm Dangerous Dan the bongo man, you should visit my web site," said a homeless guy in Central Park with a baby carriage full of Budweiser.

"Sorry, I was up till three last night partying with my boss and am wiped out. I need another beer , I've got the best job in the world...hey, no filming!" - tourguide at Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee.

"Just drive through the entrance to our parking lot. Drive through the lot, when you get to the exit, tell the attendant you need handicapped parking. He'll let you back out and you can find a couple of spots just outside the entrance." - desk clerk at Toronto hotel.

"Do you need them changed tonight?" - night clerk at hotel near Lodi, California when we complained about blood stains on the sheet.

"Awesome, it's a hotel party!" - shouted by drunk guy outside our room at the Residence Inn in Kansas City.

"Do you remember what the guy who was waiting behind you when you checked in looked like? He just robbed us." - motel manager in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"It's a Mormon thing." - from a Dairy Queen employee in Ogden, Utah when I gave him a questioning look after he asked if I'd like some Mayonaise with my fries.

"Mosquitos are not a protected species here. Feel free to kill as many as you'd like." - ranger at a campfire program in Yellowstone National Park.

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