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Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Cocktail Hour - Bombpop

Remember the ice cream man coming down the street on those hot summer days when we were kids? Running outside, flagging him down and...for me...spending a quarter for a big, cold, red, white, and blue Bompop.

Watch the Video!

Well we're all grown up now but we don't have to give all of our childish ways up.

Here is my adult version of a bombpop...


half ounce grenadine
juice of half a lime
2 ounces cranberry cocktail
2 ounces blue curacao
2 ounces white spiced rum

Use a pint glass. Put the grenadine and lime juice in the bottom. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Carefully pour in the cranberry juice, followed by carefully pouring in the curacao to make a blue layer over the red. Float the rum on top.

You can drink as is, or after admiring for a couple of minutes, stir it up and it becomes a grapecicle.



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