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Friday, July 10, 2015

Paso Robles, California - Part 2

Previously, we went hiking along the Salinas River in Part 1. Today, we'll find out just what makes Paso so famous...

Paso Robles is known for wine, so today we’ll concentrate our efforts towards that. First, it’s time for breakfast.

Watch the Video!

Yesterday we had great pancakes at Springside CafĂ©, today, it’s chilaquiles, chorizo, and eggs at Joe’s Place. Formerly a Mexican restaurant called Lolo’s, now it’s a greasy spoon diner with a surly chef and a wisecracking waitress…at least that’s what the description on the menu says.  We never got to meet the cook and had a friendly server.

The food was great, now it’s time to work it off.  Letty goes for an early morning run through downtown while I go for a walk.

It’s nice to see a town in the morning by foot. You see so much more than you do just driving by. These two pit bulls kept a close eye on me as I walked by the store they were guarding.

I also walked around the fairgrounds and the Pioneer Museum.

Time to taste some wine.  We picked up some coupons from the front desk of our hotel, the Best Western Black Oak, and hit the road.

First, we went to the west side of town to a castle on the side of the road. This is Eagle Crest Winery in a custom built castle on top of a hill. (Ed - this winery has since closed)

It even has a moat.

I had seen a banner back at the fairgrounds for this winery where the fine print said they were selling mixed cases for $100.  If the wine’s good, that’s a bargain.  Other wineries in town had some cases on sale for $75 or $80 but just on certain varieties.

In the tasting room, I asked the server what the conditions were for the price.  Just pick any wine from the list, make up a case (12 bottles) any way you like…mix or match…and it’s $100.  Even for the $30 wines.

We tasted, we liked very much, we bought a case.  Nice winery, great wines, and good staff.

Just down the road, we visit Castoro Cellars.  Here we also taste some nice wines, but a bit overpriced.  Many of the same wines are on sale at the local Albertson’s for $7.

They do have some nice chocolate truffles, so we get a bottle of late harvest zinfandel port to have a little dessert picnic overlooking the vineyard.

Heading over to the east side of town, we go along the Union Road wine trail to Maloy O’Neill winery.  Here we taste some average red wines going for $26 and up.  Nice place, but just too expensive.

Our last stop was the Tobin James Winery at the eastern end of Union Road.  Decent wines, just a bit expensive but with a little impatient attitude at the tasting counter.

Summing up our quick tour, we liked Eagle Crest best, Castoro, and the east side wineries a little less.

If you'd like to see more of our wine tasting adventure, watch the video from this week's Cocktail Hour, below.

Watch the Paso Robles Wine Tasting video!

After a swim and nap break back at the hotel, we head over the city park in downtown.

It’s Friday, so we’re in time for the first concert in the park for the summer season. Tonight, local band Rhythm Method is playing in the gazebo while ribs, wine, and beer are sold off to the side.  Many other attendees bring their own picnics and drinks.

I go across the street to the Goodwill, buy a cheap picnic blanket, get some wine, beer, and food, and we settle in for the show.  Very nice and relaxing way to end the day.

Stay tuned for part three.

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  1. A great place to visit and a great wine list! Thanks for posting this one. Great job!