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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Flora and Fauna of Borrego Springs

Still haven't seen the namesake animal of the area, the Borrego (big horn sheep), but we did see plenty of great flowers and birds during our recent trip to Anza-Borrego State Park.

We couldn't fit everything in our trip reports (part one; part two) but we wanted to revisit some of the great floral and avian life that we found there.

Starting with those purple flowers at the top of the post.

Prickly pear cactus not only have spectacular flower but the fruit is delicious, too.

The ocotillo cactus has bright orange flowers.

This wren was tending to it's family in a nest perched in a palo verde tree outside of our hotel room.

Quail were pretty easy to find on our afternoon walk.

The cholla cactus has some spiffy neon green flowers.

Migratory ducks spend time here, also.

They're not weeds here, desert dandelions sprinkle the sands...

...and fields of desert sunflowers also carpet the valley's floor.

Finally, not really a desert wildflower, but it was daffodil season up in nearby Julian.  Here's a show in the town's community center.

Copyright 2015 - Darryl Musick
All Rights Reserved

Additional photos by Letty Musick
Copyright 2015 - Letty Musick
All Rights Reserved

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