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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Our ratings are...

Fully Accessible - You can access all of the attraction, with no problem, in any type of wheelchair.

Mostly Accessible - You can access most of the attraction, and all of the important parts of it, with your wheelchair.

Partially Accessible - You can access a good deal of the attraction but some parts are inaccessible and some important parts you'll miss.

Inaccessible - Kind of speaks for itself, avoid if you're in a wheelchair.

Here's Memphis, Tennessee...

Trolleys - Fully Accessible. We enjoyed Memphis a bit more than Nashville and the old trolleys are accessible, making it very easy to get around.

Sun Studios - Partially Accessible. Wheelchairs can't go up to the upstairs displays but as a consolation, you get to wait without the crowds in the tiny recording studio that launched the careers of Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Ike Turner, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many more. This was our favorite attraction of our entire Tennessee trip.

Graceland - Partially Accessible. You'll see most of the house but you'll have to skip the basement rec room and the Jungle Room. The planes on display at the ticketing center are also not accessible.

Civil Rights Museum - Fully Accessible. This must see and moving museum complex at the motel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated is very friendly to wheelchair users, including a purpose built ramp up to the balcony of room 304.

Peabody Hotel - Fully Accessible. Not for the rooms but make sure you come here at 5:00pm to see the March of the Ducks. Wheelchair users are escorted to the front of the crowd for the best seats in the house.

Beale Street - Mostly Accessible. The clubs here are great for live music. Do not miss.

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