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Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Cocktail Hour - Bi-coastal Riesling Taste Off

We're throwin' down today on the Cocktail Hour.

My friend, Lee Drake, from New York sent me a bottle of some Finger Lakes region Riesling. Of course, since I'm biased towards California wines, that means I've got to challenge it.

I invited my friend Scott over, who is a big Temecula wine fan, got the closest California Riesling in style and price, drug Tim out to the back yard and said..."we've got a challenge, boys."

So here we go...

Watch The Video!

In one corner, Dr. Konstantin Frank semi-dry Riesling from New York. In the other, Fetzer's Riesling from Mendocino County in Northern California.

Since we admit our bias, we are doing a blind tasting. My wife, Letty, is pouring the glasses out of our sight and only she knows what we're drinking.

Wine number one, with a fruity bouquet, has a slightly sweet syrupy mouth and throat feel while wine number two has a dry, fall weather nose to it and a much drier feeling on the tongue.

We like both wines but decide that on a real hot summer day, it's the dryer wine that would be more satisfying. 

So which wine is this and which one did we pick?  You'll need to see the video to find out.

Both are very good, though.  You can't go wrong with either one.



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  1. YAY NY Wines! Glad you enjoyed the Dr. Frank (in NY for no known reason we pronounce the A as AH - like FRAHNK enstein).... :)

    NY boasts many fine wines that are not as thoroughly explored as some of the California wines outside our region. The Finger Lakes boasts hundreds of large and small wineries along most of the major lakes. The rolling terrain, and cool temperatures and excellent glacial terroir make for some good stuff. In addition, it's a great place to vacation (well at least if it's not February - though even that can be fun for skiers)...

    Here is Dr. Frank's website: