Friday, December 17, 2010

TRAVELS IN 2010...

It's getting to that time where we look back over the last year and reflect.  Soon, we will also be posting our selections for our "Best of 2010" winners, and then it's back on the road!  Here is where we were over the last year, we didn't get to any international destinations this year...except a quick jaunt across the Mexican border...but did manage to see a hunk of our own country.  Click on the links to view the reports, photos, and videos:

Our travel year starts off after Christmas when we're worn out from the preparations, the parties, the dinners, the luncheons, etc.  This year, our first trip was a road trip up to Napa Valley.  It was a bit rainy at times, cold at others, but it was still a fun trip highlighted by one of our favorite resorts, great wines, and a restaurant list inspired by Guy Fieri.

Part one of Napa Valley
Part two of Napa Valley

Next, I assigned Tim the task of planning our family's big trip of the year.  He has never had anything to do with trip planning before so I thought this would be a good learning experience for him.  It was.  I asked Tim to blog about it here and he responded with a series of posts title "Trip Planning 101."  Here are the lessons he learned along the way:

Trip Planning 101 - Chapter 1
Trip Planning 101 - Chapter 2
Trip Planning 101 - Chapter 3
Trip Planning 101 - Chapter 4
Trip Planning 101 - Chapter 5
Trip Planning 101 - Budget Update

Before Tim's trip is taken, we take a little time to head to one of our favorite undiscovered weekend destinations.  Don't's Bakersfield, which is actually a dynamite location for a quick, cheap, getaway from Los Angeles:

Bakersfield Part 1
Bakersfield Part 2

Late in May, we started on the Great Midwest Baseball Tour, of course planned by Tim.  We flew to Cincinnati, and then embarked on a road trip of massive proportions to continue on to St. Louis and then Kansas City before flying home:

Midwest Baseball Tour Part 1
Midwest Baseball Tour Part 2
Midwest Baseball Tour Part 3
Midwest Baseball Tour Part 4
Midwest Baseball Tour Part 5
Midwest Baseball Tour Part 6

The end of summer took us on a three-legged tour through the middle of California, starting in Sacramento, continuing on to one of my favorite parts of the state...the suprisingly almost tourist-free Gold Country of the Motherlode...and then up the the jewel of the Sierra, Lake Tahoe for a beach day before coming back down for wine tasting and some great food.

Sacramento and the Gold Country
Amador County Wine Country
Lake Tahoe and the Motherlode

Next up was a first-hand look at medical tourism along the border of California, Arizona, and Mexico.  We visit the medical mecca of Los Algodones...a tiny speck of a Mexican border town near the extreme southeastern point of California...get some glasses, and continue on where we spend some time in a Yuma prison.

Medical Tourism - Los Algodones, Mexico
Medical Tourism - Yuma, Arizona

While in Yuma, we shot an on-location Cocktail Hour video featuring a premium tequila tasting with two of my Mexican uncles who also happen to be quite the tequila experts.

Tequila Tasting with the Tios

Speaking of The Cocktail Hour, the (fairly) weekly drinking show has proven to be one of the most popular features on the blog.   Not specifically a travel feature, it usually spotlights a drink recipe or taste off, but we did take it on location a few times besides the tequila party in Yuma:

Belgian Beer Festival - Sierra Madre, California
Tequila Party at Rudy's - Monrovia, California
Cincinnati Pub Crawl

Back on the road, we featured a trip to Monterey, Pacific Grove, and Carmel:

Monterey and Pacific Grove Part one
Monterey and Pacific Grove Part two

And then we finish up this year's travels with a new trip to another unknown destination, Southern California's Inland Empire:

Inland Empire Part one
Inland Empire Part two
Inland Empire Wines
Inland Empire Amusement Parks

That wraps up 2010's travels for The World on Wheels.  We're on a slight travel hiatus right now due to home construction and the holidays but will be back on the road very soon.

Watch for our "Best of..." picks coming up, some new Cocktail Hours, a few Classic Trips to fill the blank spaces, and you can also follow me (Darry Musick) on Facebook for the daily goings on of The World on Wheels family.


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